We Help Dispose of Your Retired Equipment Properly    

Expired and obsolete electronics equipment doesn’t have much value to a business or organization.

At some point, equipment will either malfunction or be replaced by newer technology. You can’t hold on to the old equipment forever. We provide a solution to the waste and clutter of old electronics that companies and IT departments have to manage by recycling these components correctly.

We hold multiple certifications upholding us to global standards. Our team offers in-house dismantling of IT equipment, and all of our downstream partners are fully vetted to maintain the standards and integrity we promise to deliver to your business.

Types of Electronics Recycling We Offer

  • Computer Recycling – Computer recycling involves all of the equipment associated with their use, including keyboards, monitors, a mouse, and internal processing equipment. It’s a convenient way to recycle individual parts that contribute to the entire setup.
  • Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling – These devices may look small and seem harmless, but they contain batteries that release toxins into the environment if they end up in landfills. The other parts of this equipment contain valuable metals that can be recycled and reduce the strain on manufacturing new materials.
  • Laptop and Desktop Recycling – Our e-waste recycling process is a convenient way to properly dispose of laptops and desktops that are banned from trash receptacles because of the harmful components inside of them. We also offer data destruction services to protect sensitive information stored on these products.
  • Server & Network Recycling – Not only is improper disposal of electronic equipment harmful to landfills and our environment, but it can expose customer data or confidential business information and allow it to end up in the wrong hands. Our services include the safe handling and destruction of data for complete protection for all involved.
  • Networking Cable Recycling – Electronic recycling isn’t just about computers, monitors, and servers. The various cables and phone lines we use to connect all of this equipment are just as necessary to recycle as the larger items. The wires and the coating around them can break down and leak unhealthy toxins into the environment causing great harm if not disposed of properly, especially when you consider how many are used in IT.

The Importance of Recycling Electronics

Recycling electronics comes with two major benefits. First, it’s safer. As we’ve mentioned, the materials contained in electronic materials can leak toxins into the environment if they’re not recycled properly. These can contaminate the soil, water, and air leading to more pollution. The second benefit is that these products contain metals, plastics, and glass that require a lot of energy to manufacture. When we recycle these materials, we save resources and money from having to start manufacturing brand new material all over again. These are critical steps to a sustainable future.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling Services

AmpleTech Refresh is a reliable local e-waste recycling provider for businesses throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. Our business is dedicated to providing valuable services that help companies manage ethical recycling and disposal of computers and data. We offer value recovery services too. Our team can help devise a strategy that is convenient for your business and schedule with a wide array of off-site and on-site services. Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today.