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IT Smart hands

What is IT Smart Hands?

What is Smart Hands Support?


Smart Hands service provides onsite field engineering services to assist in all kinds of data center activities. This allows your experienced staff to focus their valuable time on more important projects, and our onsite engineers can take care of tasks such as replacing drives and performing routine maintenance.

Ways it can help your business grow. 

  • Scheduled labor.
  • Mature project coordination.
  • On-demand technical expertise where project requirements are matched to necessary technical expertise.
  • Available for data center/networking/End-User compute environments.
  • Same/Next day service availability; Minimum per dispatch.
  • Optional Add-ons: site audits, IT Asset Disposition.

Smart Hands service is an around-the-clock, on-site, operational support service for remote management, installation and troubleshooting of your data center equipment.

AmpleTech Refresh’s highly acclaimed technical resources providing best-in-class service with the right people at the right time in the right place.

A highly efficient and popular alternative to hiring certified technicians is getting Smart Hands services. Other than being versatile and highly reliable, Smart Hands services are also less expensive as you are not tied down with lengthy contracts or underutilized resources, our qualified data center engineers can perform a number of tasks instantly and with accuracy.

IT Smart handsEstablished in 2007, AmpleTech Refresh has the industry-leading expertise you need to manage your technology assets. With our knowledge and state-of-the-art resources, you’ll be able to upgrade your IT infrastructure and have the peace of mind knowing you’re in complete control. Simplify your asset management initiatives and gain the insight and support you need to maximize the value of your technology investments. Contact us and get started on integrating our world-class IT asset management capabilities today.

Secure ITAD in Phoenix, AZ

What Is ITAD?

What is IT asset disposition (ITAD)?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an industry term and practice built around reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing, or disposing of unwanted IT equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible way. An IT organization can practice IT asset disposition itself or have a specialized vendor handle it.

Instead of ending up as electronic waste, or e-waste, in a landfill, an IT device’s internal components can be reused. This helps keep waste such as plastics and heavy metals out of the environment.

Although many businesses have a systematic replacement cycle for electronic equipment, enterprises with worn-out hardware must decide whether to refurbish, resell, recycle, or dispose of their business equipment. When done internally, parts of the IT asset disposition process are often handled by IT asset management, procurement or risk management teams. An organization can also work with external businesses that focus specifically on ITAD. These companies typically provide the secure destruction of data and environmentally friendly e-waste recycling. ITAD vendors specialize in the process of streamlining the disposition of IT assets for their clients, while minimizing costs and potentially reclaiming equipment value.

What does ITAD do?

IT asset disposition focuses on the following:

  • Securing data. Old hardware may still contain data, so ITAD providers follow best practices for thorough data deletion. Storage devices are securely wiped.
  • Recycling and reusing devices. ITAD providers dispose of numerous types of used hardware, including desktops, laptops, servers, phones, and tablets. Items such as RAM sticks or video cards can be harvested and reused in other products or recycled.
  • Remarketing hardware. ITAD services may also offer repair options for hardware so organizations can repurpose their equipment.

IT asset disposition companies can help organizations get rid of their excess IT equipment. They buy unneeded hardware from IT organizations and then attempt to recoup value from that hardware.

IT asset disposition vendors typically provide the following services:

  • asset management
  • data center decommissioning
  • data erasure
  • hard drive shredding
  • refurbishing
  • repair and return

Why is IT asset disposition important?

Organizations quickly cycle through IT, making IT asset disposal a larger and more urgent issue when considering e-waste. These devices may contain heavy metals, chemicals and other materials that could be harmful to the environment when disposed of in a landfill. These materials could leak into the ground and affect water sources, for example. To ensure the proper and secure disposal of e-waste, ITAD providers use certified recyclers.

Secure ITAD

ITAD is also important when considering data security. For example, data breaches could occur if the data in a hard drive is not properly deleted when disposed of. ITAD providers ensure complete data erasure by physically destroying the hardware or by degaussing. Degaussing electronically removes the magnetic field of a disk or hard drive using a special device, rendering it unusable. These are both secure ways of ensuring total data deletion.

ITAD also enables IT organizations to save money, as they buy the IT equipment from their customers and refurbish their old equipment.

How to choose an ITAD company

Which IT asset disposition company an IT organization chooses to work with should depend on certain factors, including the following:

  • Certifications. ITAD businesses can earn certifications to show they follow industry standards for best practices in recycling and reusing electronics. Some examples are e-Stewards and the National Association for Information Destruction. Certifications can also build customer trust.
  • Sustainability. Choose ITAD service providers that are committed to environmental sustainability. Whenever possible, they should help IT organizations repurpose, resell or recycle hardware. Potentially harmful chemicals should also be disposed of appropriately.
  • Cost. ITAD services should cost less than if an organization handled hardware disposal itself.
  • Guarantee of secure data. ITAD services should disclose how they erase data for data sanitization and security reasons. They should be able to guarantee full and secure data erasure.
  • Asset Remarketing. ITAD businesses also ideally offer repair services so IT organizations can get the most life out of their IT equipment.

AmpleTech Refresh provides customer-driven, environmentally focused IT asset management services for companies all over the world. We strive to deliver superior white-glove solutions that enhance technology efficiencies, strengthen data security, and promote eco-friendly outcomes for a more sustainable future. Established in 2007, we have developed a distinguished reputation for being a reliable source of trusted asset management solutions. Contact us and team up with an industry leader in IT asset remarketing today.

IT asset remarketing Services

Capturing Value for Your Used and Excess IT Assets

IT asset remarketing allows companies to unlock additional revenue through unused or decommissioned technology hardware. Once your company has streamlined its inventory of technology assets throughout the organization and has data security safeguards in place, we will help you evaluate electronic devices that are no longer needed or in use and assess their resale potential. Finally, you need to balance these two sometimes contradictory pieces of information. As ITAD professionals, we’ve had years of experience tracking data center equipment and matching it to the right market to recover the maximum value for our clients. This requires that we sell these assets when they reach their peak liquidity in a specific market.

Here are the 3 steps we take to capture peak liquidity:

  1. Identify the value of the assets.

With improvements in technology, it is easier than ever to determine market value for used IT assets. We use a mix of live, up-to-the-minute market information and data extrapolated from a proprietary software program that calculates global market demand.

  1. Capture the value through smart recovery.

One element of smart recovery is knowing when to sell used IT assets as a whole and when to break it up into its component parts. Servers typically lose their resale value within five years, but their components maintain their value for much longer. Smart recovery often dictates that the components be treated as individual parts that can be upgraded or replaced at different times, allowing you to take advantage of the peak liquidity of each part.

  1. Remarket on a global scale.

To recover the highest value for used IT assets, you must look towards the global marketplace and determine where demand for those assets is growing. These markets are constantly shifting. Today, the best price for processors may be in Brazil. Tomorrow it might be in India.

AmpleTech Refresh provides customer-driven, environmentally focused IT asset management services for companies all over the world. We strive to deliver superior white-glove solutions that enhance technology efficiencies, strengthen data security, and promote eco-friendly outcomes for a more sustainable future. Established in 2007, we have developed a distinguished reputation for being a reliable source of trusted asset management solutions. Contact us and team up with an industry leader in IT asset remarketing today.

Data center decommissioning in Phoenix, AZ

Data Center Decommissioning and what to know

Data Center Decommissioning and what to know

No data center ITAD project can be accomplished without decommissioning your equipment and transporting it. Why pay your in-house experts a premium price just to de-install hardware when they could be working on strategic initiatives for your organization? ITAD companies offer a variety of onsite services specific to your needs, including technical de-installation services at your facilities for all types of IT assets-from data center to desktop equipment.

 Questions to Ask when inquiring about Decommission Services
  • Has the vendor provided you with a detailed statement of work outlining how they will handle every aspect of the data center decommissioning project?
  • Prior to the project, ask the vendor to do a walk-through with you showing how they will execute each step.
  • Find out if the vendor outsourced any aspect of data center decommissioning, including labor or data destruction.
  • Inquire about responsible recycling
  • Ask for the references for the last three data center decommissioning clients the vendor serviced.
  • Ask if the vendor will be able to recover value from your retired IT hardware. If so, find out how much and when you could expect to receive the compensation.
  • Ask how data destruction will be handled. If the solution is software-based, find out the name of the software.
  • Learn about the vendor’s security protocols around data destruction.
  • Ask what certifications they hold.
  • Ask how metals and other components will be disposed.
Benefits of using a professional ITAD partner
  • Planning and logistics
  • Transportation
  • Certified engineers
  • Secure chain-of-custody
  • Off-site warehousing
  • Supply chain management
  • Full reporting
  • Lift and Shift Transport

Asset Destruction in Phoenix, AZProfessional, trained technicians are utilized to perform the de-installation and ensure a secure chain-of-custody. Let us design and plan your decommission process and handle your project management every step of the way. we have the national capabilities to handle every data center decommission service you require – including de-installation, packing, off-site warehousing, and Lift & shift Transport. Reverse Logistics ATR’s network of logistic partners can customize a solution that meet your specific needs. Solutions range from simple to more complex secure transports for sensitive data storage devices. With our secure logistics, we provide our clients with the most affordable pickup and transportation services in the industry. We assist with every phase involved during the logistics process, from technical de-installation to final delivery to a secure processing facility.

Finally, when decommissioning a data center, use a well-known company that does asset removal, asset destruction, chain of custody, provides certifications of destruction for hard drives, and proper disposal of toxic materials. All of it needs to be very well documented not only for the environment’s protection but for your company’s protection, as well. You don’t want to wake up one morning and find out that your equipment was found dumped in a landfill.

In the end, it isn’t the liability of the disposal company if servers containing customer or medical information turn up at a used computer fair, it’s the fault of the owners. The creator of e-waste is ultimately liable for the e-waste.

ATR is certified by R2v3 for electronics recycling and data destruction, ISO 9001 in Quality Assurance, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and 45001 for Health and Safety, Member of WBENC Contact us today to scheduled a free consultation (602) 755-4887 or INFO@AMPLETECHREFRESH.COM

Data destruction

What Type of Data Destruction is right for my business

Most Business professionals are aware of the risks associated with inappropriate disposal of end-of-life IT equipment. Their top concerns include loss or theft of customer or patron information and damage to organization’s reputation. Despite these concerns, there is a great deal of confusion over how to erase properly the data on end-of-life IT assets. The people we asked believed that a quick or full reformat of a drive would permanently erase all data.

Failure to properly destroy the data on end-of-life IT assets can lead to serious breaches of data-protection and privacy policies, compliance problems and added costs. There are three main options for data destruction: Wiping, Degaussing, and Physical shred Destruction.

Wiping Data Destruction Data Shredding Degaussing in Phoenix AZ

This process can be done on-site or off-site depending on the client’s needs.

Our methods of wiping include the following procedures

  • 1-Wipe Pass
  • 3-Wipe Pass
  • 7-Wipe Pass

Each method is aligned to meet all standards of secure data wiping by following the NIST 800-88 and DoD compliance regulations.

On the downside, it takes a long time to wipe an entire high-capacity drive. This process might not be able to sanitize data from inaccessible regions such as host protected areas. Another factor to consider is that overwriting works only when the storage media is not damaged and is still writable.


Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field. It is possibly named after the Gauss unit of magnetism, which in turn is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss. Due to magnetic hysteresis, it is generally not possible to reduce a magnetic field completely to zero, so degaussing typically induces a very small “known” field referred to as bias. Degaussing was originally applied to reduce ships’ magnetic signatures during WWII. Degaussing is also used to reduce magnetic fields in CRT monitors and to destroy the data on magnetic media” according to Wikipedia.

Data is stored in magnetic media, such as tapes and hard drives, by making very small areas called magnetic domains change their magnetic alignment to be in the direction of an applied magnetic field. This phenomenon occurs in much the same way a compass needle points in the direction of the earth’s magnetic field. Degaussing, commonly called erasure, leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. Hard drives cannot be reused after degaussing though some tapes can be reused after degaussing services.

While degaussing can be an effective method of data destruction, it has two major disadvantages. First, degaussing renders the hard drive inoperable by physically disrupting the delicate interconnected mechanisms of the drive – thus destroying any potential end-of-life value. Second, there is no way to ensure all data is destroyed. Because degaussing renders a drive inoperable, there’s no way to run the drive to verify the data is gone. The effectiveness of degaussing can also depend on the density of drives. Finally, it should be noted that degaussing does not eradicate data from non-magnetic media such as Solid-State Devices and CD’s.


If you don’t need to reuse hard drives, physical destruction is a possible data destruction option.

There can be problems with physical destruction. First, it is prone to human error and manipulation. There is no reliable way to audit the physical destruction process. Second, most methods of physical destruction leave large portions of the drive platter intact, even if the drive is inoperable.

Data could still be recovered using forensic methods in such cases. Only pulverizing the disk to particles ensures the data is irrecoverable. Lastly, since physical destruction renders media unreadable, it also prevents them from being wiped and remarketed. This means that there is no longer the opportunity to recover any end-of-life value that these assets may potentially hold.


The best method of data destruction depends upon the type of media, the sensitivity of the data, and the end-of-life value of the assets. I would recommend consulting with a IT asset disposition firm that has the expertise and scale to perform data destruction. Make sure your ITAD partner is certified by R2v3 for electronics recycling and data destruction, ISO 9001 in Quality Assurance, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and 45001 for Health and Safety.

AmpleTech Refresh offers fully compliant, certified Data Destruction services. Located at our facilities and on location for mobile shredding services, we offer four shaft shredding technology and machinery that permits us to shred any type of material or product down to the size of a dime. Our compliance standards ensure that we will provide all our client’s video recordings of each shred job conducted, along with serialized Certificates of Destruction of all equipment shredded, on-site or off-site.  Our team goes above and beyond to accommodate special requests, as we always strive to make the shredding process seamless, timely, and catered to our client’s needs.

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Who Buys Retired IT Equipment?

IT Buyback Solutions Do you have retired IT equipment that might have residual value? There is an easy way to maximize your return on the initial cost of your IT assets, decrease total cost of ownership and offset the acquisition of costs for new devices. The cost of a IT Refresh can be very costly on a company. ITAD partners can offset your cost buy wiping, buying and selling your equipment. They normally have a book of buyers and can quickly sell and offset upgrade cost. ITAD buyback solutions are a fast and efficient way to transform used IT equipment and mobile devices into cash while helping you mitigate your data and financial risk in a secure and environmentally compliant. Make sure the company you are using is R2v3 certified to make sure all data is properly wiped and personal information is protected. We know that creating a sustainable asset recovery strategy is not always easy Few questions to ask yourself:
  • Is your current disposition provider paying you what your assets are worth?
  • Are you incurring warehousing and inventory carrying costs for retired assets?
  • Do you have a program for refresh but need a disposition partner?
  • Are you unsure about environmental and data privacy regulations?
  • Can my ITAD partner manage all my locations nationwide?

ATR Buyback Solutions

We address your requirements with simple and flexible offerings.

  • Tell us what equipment you are retiring and when it will be available.
  • Available for quantities as low as 100 pcs.
  • As our client, you get access to a client portal with visibility into the end-to-end process from pickup to payment.
A proven partner for your We have the process and industry expertise you should expect.
  • Worldwide reach into secondary used markets for competitive pricing.
  • Global investment in comprehensive processes that help you maintain data security.
  • Certified disposal process based on ATR’s industry-leading environmental commit.
ISO45001ISO14001ISO9001Logo of R2V3 certificate We help you create the best solution for environmental regulatory compliance. Give us a call to see if AmpleTech Refresh is the ITAD partner for you.
Professional on-site services in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing the right ITAD Partner

When looking for an ITAD partner, not just anyone will do. With so many options, there are many companies who take inappropriate disposal shortcuts to make a quick buck, putting you and your company at risk.

Luckily, the ITAD industry has recognized third-party certifications that do much of this research for you. If an electronics recycling and resale vendor is certified to R2v3 and/or e-Stewards, you can trust they will handle your IT assets securely and responsibly. However, some vendors will make false certification claims just to get your business.  You can check a company is certified by going to the third-party certification website and finding their company name in the official directories.

We are confident that AmpleTech Refresh offers the most trustworthy IT Asset Disposition services. With an industry-critical certificate of proof, you can rest assured that your data will be completely erased from the assets you dispose of.  IT asset disposal shouldn’t be a challenging experience to navigate. Responsible recycling starts here.

ATR is certified by R2v3 for electronics recycling and data destruction, ISO 9001 in Quality Assurance, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and 45001 for Health and Safety, Member of WBENC


ATR R2v3 Certification # C2021-04547

ATR R2v3 Certification

Importance of Recycling Electronics

The Importance of Recycling Electronics Properly

We Help Dispose of Your Retired Equipment Properly    

Expired and obsolete electronics equipment doesn’t have much value to a business or organization.

At some point, equipment will either malfunction or be replaced by newer technology. You can’t hold on to the old equipment forever. We provide a solution to the waste and clutter of old electronics that companies and IT departments have to manage by recycling these components correctly.

We hold multiple certifications upholding us to global standards. Our team offers in-house dismantling of IT equipment, and all of our downstream partners are fully vetted to maintain the standards and integrity we promise to deliver to your business.

Types of Electronics Recycling We Offer

  • Computer Recycling – Computer recycling involves all of the equipment associated with their use, including keyboards, monitors, a mouse, and internal processing equipment. It’s a convenient way to recycle individual parts that contribute to the entire setup.
  • Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling – These devices may look small and seem harmless, but they contain batteries that release toxins into the environment if they end up in landfills. The other parts of this equipment contain valuable metals that can be recycled and reduce the strain on manufacturing new materials.
  • Laptop and Desktop Recycling – Our e-waste recycling process is a convenient way to properly dispose of laptops and desktops that are banned from trash receptacles because of the harmful components inside of them. We also offer data destruction services to protect sensitive information stored on these products.
  • Server & Network Recycling – Not only is improper disposal of electronic equipment harmful to landfills and our environment, but it can expose customer data or confidential business information and allow it to end up in the wrong hands. Our services include the safe handling and destruction of data for complete protection for all involved.
  • Networking Cable Recycling – Electronic recycling isn’t just about computers, monitors, and servers. The various cables and phone lines we use to connect all of this equipment are just as necessary to recycle as the larger items. The wires and the coating around them can break down and leak unhealthy toxins into the environment causing great harm if not disposed of properly, especially when you consider how many are used in IT.

The Importance of Recycling Electronics

Recycling electronics comes with two major benefits. First, it’s safer. As we’ve mentioned, the materials contained in electronic materials can leak toxins into the environment if they’re not recycled properly. These can contaminate the soil, water, and air leading to more pollution. The second benefit is that these products contain metals, plastics, and glass that require a lot of energy to manufacture. When we recycle these materials, we save resources and money from having to start manufacturing brand new material all over again. These are critical steps to a sustainable future.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling Services

AmpleTech Refresh is a reliable local e-waste recycling provider for businesses throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. Our business is dedicated to providing valuable services that help companies manage ethical recycling and disposal of computers and data. We offer value recovery services too. Our team can help devise a strategy that is convenient for your business and schedule with a wide array of off-site and on-site services. Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today.

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