IT asset remarketing allows companies to unlock additional revenue through unused or decommissioned technology hardware. Once your company has streamlined its inventory of technology assets throughout the organization and has data security safeguards in place, we will help you evaluate electronic devices that are no longer needed or in use and assess their resale potential. Finally, you need to balance these two sometimes contradictory pieces of information. As ITAD professionals, we’ve had years of experience tracking data center equipment and matching it to the right market to recover the maximum value for our clients. This requires that we sell these assets when they reach their peak liquidity in a specific market.

Here are the 3 steps we take to capture peak liquidity:

  1. Identify the value of the assets.

With improvements in technology, it is easier than ever to determine market value for used IT assets. We use a mix of live, up-to-the-minute market information and data extrapolated from a proprietary software program that calculates global market demand.

  1. Capture the value through smart recovery.

One element of smart recovery is knowing when to sell used IT assets as a whole and when to break it up into its component parts. Servers typically lose their resale value within five years, but their components maintain their value for much longer. Smart recovery often dictates that the components be treated as individual parts that can be upgraded or replaced at different times, allowing you to take advantage of the peak liquidity of each part.

  1. Remarket on a global scale.

To recover the highest value for used IT assets, you must look towards the global marketplace and determine where demand for those assets is growing. These markets are constantly shifting. Today, the best price for processors may be in Brazil. Tomorrow it might be in India.

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