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Global IT Asset Management

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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT asset management services allow companies to gain the enhanced level of insight and analysis needed to effectively manage their IT systems and equipment. ITAM provides visibility and the advanced analysis necessary to manage both active and inactive technological assets. Ampletech Refresh is an industry leader and global provider of IT asset management solutions for companies spanning all industries. With our ITAM services, you’ll be able to leverage our knowledge and resources to proactively plan strategies that keep your company’s IT infrastructure secure. This blueprint empowers your business to optimize operations and asset usage, implement safeguards to mitigate risks and maximize the value of your technological investments. Learn more about our IT asset management services and get started today.

Gain the Ultimate Control of Your IT Assets

IT Asset ManagementHaving complete visibility of your business’s inventory of hardware and software is critical in mitigating the risks companies are faced with in today’s landscape. Gaining a clearer picture of your assets will prepare you to quickly and effectively deploy crisis management strategies that minimize the impact in the event of an emergency. When you partner with AmpleTech Refresh, we’ll provide you with an advanced, comprehensive set of resources that allow you to manage all of your IT assets with ease. Using accurate, real-time data, you’ll be able to track every detail of your inventory, giving you the ultimate control.

Discover Detailed Analysis and Enhance Cost Savings

With AmpleTech Refresh’s IT asset management strategies in place, you’ll have a full, real-time account of every detail involved in your tech inventory. From individual type and life cycle to an asset’s activity, it is easier than ever to discover efficiencies and manage your assets effectively. Prevent unexpected software audit expenses, detect and redistribute assets that are underused or not in use, and refine your company’s IT resources so you’re in the best position to make cost-effective decisions.

Facilitating asset distribution doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Having crystal clear knowledge of the status of every asset in your inventory gives you the greatest advantage in keeping business operations in motion. Bring productivity to new heights by easily keeping track of every on-site, mobile, and cloud-based asset and where they’re assigned. Locate and distribute available resources to easily fulfill asset requests. Manage obligations involving contracts, legalities, and company policies. This advanced visibility makes it simple to restore operational productivity when a technological problem develops.

Our ITAM solutions give you the tools and processes you need to ensure the security of your data and the resiliency of your business. Integrate our IT asset management resources into your operations and easily identify technological vulnerabilities that may potentially put your organization at risk. With advanced analysis and supportive safeguards in place, you’ll have the utmost confidence in the security and protection of your company data and IT systems.

The Benefits of IT Asset Management

Effectively managing your inventory of technology assets is invaluable in streamlining operational efficiencies, mitigating risks, mobilizing quickly in a crisis, and providing better stability for your organization’s future. AmpleTech Refresh’s ITAM services will help you eliminate many challenges involved in managing your IT systems, and you’ll gain a variety of benefits, including:

  • Complete Visibility and Control – ITAM processes allow you to view an accurate picture of your entire IT inventory. Fast, real-time analytics makes it easy to track and distribute assets, identify vulnerable gaps, and remove inefficiencies.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Costs – Understanding the purpose, frequency, and location of assets being used provides valuable insight into making the most informed financial decisions. IT asset management helps you organize inventory by consolidating, reallocating, or purchasing additional resources where needed while staying on top of your budget.
  • Remain Compliant – Our ITAM solutions eliminate the challenges involved in legal compliance and company policy management. Gain total organizational support to ensure you remain compliant with licensing and regulatory obligations.


Simplify your asset management initiatives and gain the insight and support you need to maximize the value of your technology investments. Contact us and get started on integrating our world-class IT asset management capabilities today.

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