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Value Recovery

Value Recovery

Reduce complexity and recover additional value with AmpleTech Refresh’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. 

Unlock the maximum value of your customers’ used hardware. We’ll recover the greatest value from your customers’ retired assets so you can reinvest the funds into your budget and offset costs. AmpleTech Refresh’s remarketing services include:

  • Reclaiming the highest market value for equipment
  • Trade-in, buyback and revenue share programs
  • Recertification programs
  • Redeployment programs

Why Us?

Our remarketing services allows you to realize full ROI of your customers retired technology and equipment.

  • Revenue Share
  • Brand Identity Protection
  • Market Leading ROI

Buyback Solutions

Download our Buyback Solutions document and find out how AmpleTech Refresh can help your company maximize your ROI from your unused and retired IT assets.

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