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On-site Services

On-site Services

AmpleTech Refresh On-Site Services. 

ITAD Services in Phoenix, AZ

Whether your obsolete technology is refurbished or destroyed, AmpleTech Refresh can remove data and completely process your end-of-life equipment either on-site or at one of our secure facilities as part of our disposition process.

Read about our best-in-class on-site data sanitization and destruction services below or contact us to get started.

On-Site Data Sanitization & Destruction Services

For unsurpassed control and protection of your technology assets, we offer on-site data sanitization, media destruction, data center decommissioning and other coordinated services. All services are designed to protect asset value and resale options, with scheduling available at your convenience.

Every asset is accounted for, fully sanitized to meet NIST-compliant standards, and documented before it leaves your location.

Data Sanitization for Distributed Systems

Designed to preserve asset value and resale options, AmpleTech Refresh on-site data erasure and asset verification for distributed environments meets NIST-compliant standards.

  1. Our on-site technician arrives and checks all equipment for loose media and data storage devices.
  2. Once all data-bearing assets are accounted for, they are sanitized to NIST-compliant standards.
  3. Storage devices that fail data sanitization are physically destroyed on-site or returned to you.
  4. We produce a complete inventory and data sanitization report with make, model, serial number, and sanitization status.
  5. You review and approve the report before we leave your location.
  6. Title of equipment can be transferred to us on-site to minimize your data and environmental risks.
  7. All assets are carefully packed and shipped, preserving and returning residual value to you quickly.

Data Sanitization for Enterprise Systems

Designed for preserving asset value and resale options for enterprise-wide devices including servers, storage devices used in data centers, server farms and LAN centers. Our expertise covers all major OEM servers (Dell, HP, SUN and IBM) and storage systems (EMC, NetApp, IBM XIV, HP, and others).

  1. The process starts with non-intrusive data sanitization and testing for remarketing, without requiring access through your firewall.
  2. We can erase data with government-approved NIST-compliant methods, with one pass standard and additional overwrites offered if required.
  3. Media that fails erasure is physically destroyed.
  4. Storage frame erasure is conducted for decommissioning, repurposing or lease return.
  5. We provide reporting with device serial numbers associated with the host server or storage frame, final eradication status or physical destruction method, as well as certificates of destruction that exceed NIST requirements for a legally defendable asset audit trail.
  6. We also provide market valuation of your equipment to enable you to make cost-effective decisions about product disposition.

On-Site Destruction Services

Our highly effective, single-source destruction options capture all serial numbers, are NIST-and NAID-approved, can be witnessed by you, and a certificate of destruction is provided for each job.

  1. We have processes for shredding and degaussing your physical media and hard drives to destroy data-bearing assets.
  2. Shredding is NAID-approved and takes place in a specially designed truck at your location with no external power required. Drives are shredded to the standard 30mm. Hard drives, data tapes (DLT, LTO, 8mm, etc.), and miscellaneous media like CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and USB drives can be shredded. Smaller shred sizes and alternate destruction methods are available for solid state drives (SSDs).
  3. Degaussing uses commercial equipment and is NSA-approved. This method accommodates hard drives and data tape up to 1′′ x 4′′ x 6′′.

Data Center Equipment Decommissioning

Ampletech Refresh provides single-source, well-managed processes for properly decommissioning and sanitizing closed, moved, or updated data centers, providing fair market value of recovered equipment, and data security protection for even the most risk-averse organization.

On-Site Project Services

Utilize our on-site project services for accurate, real-time updates to inventory records, efficient and effective utilization of repurposed inventory, and coordinated IMAC (Install Move Add Change) to reduce total cost of ownership.

  1. All services include disconnects, secure transport, and a range of secure asset disposition or data destruction options.
  2. On-site asset inventory offers “point in time” verification and can be used for discovery during mergers, acquisitions, and project-based initiatives.
  3. For office transitions(closing, opening or relocating sites) or platform migration(upgrading, removing or replacing), we can handle disposition of all equipment. All equipment is disconnected, from offices, cubicles, LAN and telecom closets, then collected, catalogued and staged. Assets to be recycled or remarketed are organized, packed, palletized and transported to our facilities for processing. Assets to be repurposed are prepared for redeployment using our full suite of on-site service offerings.

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