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Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery Program

AmpleTech Refresh - Asset Recovery Program

AmpleTech Refresh Asset Recovery program helps minimize loss and maximize potential ROI.

Do you retire IT equipment that might have residual value? There is an easy way to maximize
your return on the initial cost of your IT assets, decrease total cost of ownership, and offset
the acquisition of costs for new devices.

ATR buyback solutions are a fast and efficient way to transform used IT equipment and
mobile devices into cash while helping you mitigate your data and financial risk in a secure
and environmentally compliant manner.

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    Logistical Planning and Transportaion
    The AmpleTech Refresh Team will work with our clients to plan, implement, and deliver the most efficient and cost effective method to remove your electronics and meet your data security needs. Our team will provide the packaging, removal and transportation of large or small quantities of materials utilizing our fleet of trucks national shipping partners. Whether it is before, during, or after hours, we provide flexible scheduling to meet our clients specific needs.
    Deinstallation of Assets

    Once your new IT assets arrive, the old assets need to be taken offline from the corporate infrastructure. This is an involved activity with a technical, step-by-step process. Each data-bearing device will be completely uninstalled, stripped of its network access and then inventoried.

    Identification, Testing and Refurbishment
    AmpleTech Refresh will provide an itemized listing of all the equipment that is received and reconciled against our propriety inventory management database.  The information provided typically includes the asset type, asset make/model, serial number ,asset tag number and detailed unit configurations.
    We evaluate each piece of  equipment based on technical and cosmetic status, record its configuration information, and document any defects utilizing our state of art diagnostic software. For assets that need repair, we determine level of refurbishment by severity of functional and cosmetic defect. Our repair tech cut line is driven by asset recovery value based on the current state of the asset.
    Data Sanitization and Destruction
    This is the most crucial step in the ITAD process. Every data-bearing device-from PCs and tablets to printers and fax machines-must have its data sanitized. . Whether this data removal process takes place onsite or at the AmpleTech Refresh facility, it is imperative to have the right processes in place. With our certifications and advanced data security procedures, AmpleTech Refresh takes responsibility for proper data sanitasion and destruction.
    AmpleTech Refresh can provide onsite hard drive destruction services utilizing our trucks equipped with shredders. Our trained technicians will inventory each drive prior to shredding for proper asset tracking and security.
    Asset Value Recovery

    AmpleTech Refresh  is a proven partner for maximizing asset recovery value with worldwide reach into secondary used equipment markets. Our remarketing expertise in IT equipment ranges from mobility to enterprise server / networking gear utilizing our premier remarketing channels consisting of reputable, reparative long term clients.

    ITAD Solutions

    Download our ITAD Solutions document and find out how AmpleTech Refresh can help your company maximize your ROI from your unused and retired IT assets.

    Why Us?

    Realize the full return potential of your retired technology equipment with our full service asset disposition program.

    • Secure Data Wipe
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