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Mobile Devices Recycling


Mobile Devices recycle program

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Secure Mobility Solutions to Protect Your Brand

Mobile devices and the sensitive data they store present particular challenges for organizations. Mitigate your risk and protect your brand reputation even in this complex category.

Safeguarding your mobile devices and data

Secure Logistics

AmpleTech Refresh will pick up and transport all mobile devices from your location to one of our global processing facilities, ensuring the highest levels of data security throughout the process.

Data Destruction

Data is destroyed to NISTSP 800-88 standards, and any device that cannot be cleaned or reused is securely shredded. We offer multiple verification audits to ensure data destruction and issue you certificates of destruction for data security.

Activation Check

Devices with cellular capabilities are tested for service activation and any active device is quarantined until the plan is terminated.

Unlocking the hidden value of your devices

Technology Processing

We receive, audits, and securely processes all assets before we test and repair them to maximize remarketing value.

Remarketing  Do you have surplus hardware as a result of your relocation? Our IT remarketing
capabilities can offset end user service cost.

Why Choose AmpleTech Refresh?

  • Flexible scheduling with quick turnaround times
  • Local, customized recycling programs
  • On-site data destruction
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Most asset recovery value

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