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Incineration Service in Phoenix, AZ

Incineration Services

Incineration Services

AmpleTech Refresh offers certified, witnessed incineration services for the following commodities and items:

  • Media
  • Paper
    • Wet/Damaged Paper
    • Paper in notebooks
    • Classified Paper
    • Paper in large binder clips
    • Very large quantities of paper
  • Product
    • Equipment
    • Gear
    • Clothing
    • Food
    • FDA recall items
    • Off-brand or off-spec items
    • Out-of-date items
    • Defective/Returned Items
    • Proprietary products
  • Tape

These services we provide to our clients nationwide are an approved “waste-to-energy” incineration process that securely transports all of the material to one of our secure facilities and complies with all environmental standards regarding properly disposing of waste and related materials.

Once the equipment is weighed out, the incineration process begins.  Our certified technicians that conduct this process are screened, trained and readily available to provide all compliance documents to ensure all of the materials and data is being destroyed properly and adhering to all compliance regulations.  This destruction process completely destroys all the data leaving media completely unrecoverable.

AmpleTech Refresh is committed to our environment, which is why our current incineration process is recognized as ‘greener’ than the outdated incineration facility, and is evidently greener than a landfill option.  A recent study performed by the EPA shows that by utilizing waste-to-energy facilities in the United States, 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are kept from entering the Earth’s atmosphere yearly.  AmpleTech Refresh will provide a Certificate of Destruction, which verifies the weight of the material and the fact that the incineration process was completed in full compliance of all specifications and regulations.

Data Destruction You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a data destruction company, AmpleTech Refresh offers certified secure data disposal for businesses across all industries. Our methods are safe, environmentally friendly, and bring the peace of mind companies need to know that their hard drives, end-of-life equipment are protected from falling into the wrong hands. Contact us for an estimate today.

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    Why Choose AmpleTech Refresh?

    We are a woman-owned and operated business that has been in the electronics industry since 2007. With more than a decade of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist companies with the safe and secure destruction and recycling of the most sensitive information and items.  We offer:

    • Flexible scheduling with quick turnaround times
    • Local, customized recycling programs
    • On-site data destruction
    • Dedicated and friendly reps for each project
    • Competitive pricing
    • A positive experienc
    • Value recovery

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