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ITAD buyback

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Who Buys Retired IT Equipment?

IT Buyback Solutions

Do you have retired IT equipment that might have residual value? There is an easy way to maximize your return on the initial cost of your IT assets, decrease total cost of ownership and offset the acquisition of costs for new devices. The cost of a IT Refresh can be very costly on a company. ITAD partners can offset your cost buy wiping, buying and selling your equipment. They normally have a book of buyers and can quickly sell and offset upgrade cost. ITAD buyback solutions are a fast and efficient way to transform used IT equipment and mobile devices into cash while helping you mitigate your data and financial risk in a secure and environmentally compliant. Make sure the company you are using is R2v3 certified to make sure all data is properly wiped and personal information is protected.

We know that creating a sustainable asset recovery strategy is not always easy

Few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your current disposition provider paying you what your assets are worth?
  • Are you incurring warehousing and inventory carrying costs for retired assets?
  • Do you have a program for refresh but need a disposition partner?
  • Are you unsure about environmental and data privacy regulations?
  • Can my ITAD partner manage all my locations nationwide?







ATR Buyback Solutions

We address your requirements with simple and flexible offerings.

  • Tell us what equipment you are
    retiring and when it will be available.
  • Available for quantities as low as 100 pcs.
  • As our client, you get access to a client
    portal with visibility into the end-to-end
    process from pickup to payment.

A proven partner for your

We have the process and industry expertise you should expect.

  • Worldwide reach into secondary used
    markets for competitive pricing.
  • Global investment in comprehensive
    processes that help you maintain data
  • Certified disposal process based on ATR’s
    industry-leading environmental commit.

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We help you create the best solution for environmental regulatory compliance. Give us a call to see if AmpleTech Refresh is the ITAD partner for you.

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