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Data Destruction old

Secure Data Destriction Solutions

AmpleTech Refresh Data Destruction services are a convenient, compliant, and sustainable solution to ensuring your data stay out of the wrong hands.

AmpleTech Refresh will work to deliver a solution customized to your needs that satisfies compliance regulations specific to your organization, country and/or industry. We’ll certify that data has been completely removed from retired equipment or that the equipment has been completely destroyed through:

  • On-site data erasure
  • Off-site data erasure
  • On-site physical destruction
  • Off-site physical destruction

Why Us?

Have piece of mind knowing your data never falls into the wrong hands with our on and off site data destruction services.

  • Minimize Risk
  • Brand Identity Protection
  • Enhance Compliance

Buyback Solutions

Download our Buyback Solutions document and find out how AmpleTech Refresh can help your company maximize your ROI from your unused and retired IT assets.

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