We provide strategic IT assistance to dynamic businesses.

Solve your program needs with one solutions provider, from retrieval to re-marketing

At AmpleTech Refresh, we simplify the process of supporting your ITAD program with options to best suit your business.

IT Assets Recovery

We pick up your equipment and transport it to our Technology and Service Center in Phoenix, AZ. 

  • ITAD solutions
  • On-site solutions
  • Lifecycle support
  • Data destruction

IT Sourcing

ATR can help your IT management team design a procurement plan to maximize the return on your investment.

  • Technology planning
  • Procurement strategies
  • Asset management
  • IT refreshing


Selecting an appropriate IT asset disposition partner means balancing data security, logistics and fiscal needs with regulatory and environmental requirements.

  • Secure ITAD and professional handling and transportation
  • Equipment evaluation to maximize recovery and ROI
  • Purchasing and sales options


AmpleTech Refresh has been selling refurbished IT equipment on the secondary market globally for more than 10 years. In Europe we partner with the largest suppliers in this market.

  • IT re-marketing
  • Testing processes
  • Rollout and rollback
  • Purchasing and sales options

Let ATR help you and find the perfect solution for IT assets.

AmpleTech Refresh is the premier provider of IT asset disposition and re-marketing solutions for enterprise IT equipment. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

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