Receive the full benefits of your retired assets

ATR is committed to complying with all regulatory and environmental laws in our recycling and re-marketing processes.


We are a trusted full-service ITAD company. Our goal is to properly remove your data from all types of media ensuring data is destroyed. 

Data Destruction Methods

AmpleTech Refresh e-waste utilizes four primary methods of data destruction.

  • DBAN: Secure data wiping and erasure software designed to delete contents on any hard disk.
  • Degaussing: Machine-produced electromagnetic field destroys all magnetically recorded data.
  • Stake Punching: Physical destruction process that crushes media platters and storage devices units.
  • Shredding: Units are shredded and material remains are recycled to original commodities.

e-Waste Recycling and Disposal

Balancing data security, logistics and fiscal needs with regulatory and environmental requirements.

  • Secure ITAD and professional handling and transportation
  • Equipment evaluation to maximize recovery and ROI
  • Level 2 data destruction certificate
  • Complete asset tracking and management reporting

Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Data Destruction is available that documents the destroyed media.

Certificates include a complete list of serial numbers, makes, models, and date of destruction for all media.

  • L1 - Level One Data Destruction
  • L2 - Level Two Data Destruction
  • L3 - Level Three Data Destruction

Let ATR help you find the perfect solution for IT assets.

AmpleTech Refresh is the premier provider of IT asset disposition and re-marketing solutions for enterprise IT equipment. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.


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